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Unit Ventures is a leading platform for Web3 and blockchain business accelerator program that helps forward thinking founders and entrepreneurs future-proof their business or project.

Then we help turn that potential into a Web3 solution

We operate far and wide, across sectors and geographies, offering a FREE Web3 accelerator program focused on supporting service providers and business operators.
"The Unit Ventures Web3 Accelerator program provided me with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively utilise blockchain technology and tokenisation in my business."
Thorne Davis
Founder • Rulique Agency
"The Web3 and blockchain accelerator program not only helped me to drive innovation within my business, but also allowed me to network with like-minded individuals and experts in the field."
Jenna Bitar
Founder • Cafe Organic
"Unit Ventures has simplified the process of building a tokenised project. Particularly in reference to our project which is very complex."
Eric Esievo
CEO • MyEcoPower
The Unit Ventures Accelerator opened me up to new possibilities that I hadn’t imagined before.
David Chen
CEO • AngelVest
Founder, entrepreneur and business owner looking toward the sky
New York
Jakarta / Bali

Our speakers & mentors are global

We have educated more than 10,000+ graduates worldwide on the power of Web3, tokenization and blockchain technology through our Unit Masters and Unit Ventures programs. Here are the speakers and mentors from our previous and upcoming cohorts.

Nathan Van den Bosch

CEO & Founder • Consensus Group

A Behavioural Economist, Tokenomics Specialist, and Blockchain Strategist with over 30 years of experience in emerging and disruptive technologies. Nathan has degrees in Economics, Commerce, Behavioural Economics, and Applied Blockchain. Nathan has extensive experience with start-up and early-stage companies, blockchain-based platforms, and cryptocurrencies.

Daniel Truque

Founder • Satoshi Capital Advisors

Daniel is an investment specialist and blockchain technologist. He holds extensive experience as a technology & strategic advisor to various government and private organizations. He has a rich management consulting, banking, and quantitative asset management background.

Dr. Chris Kacher

CIO • KJA Digital Asset Investments

Record breaking audited accts: stocks + crypto / Web3 builder / bestselling author / top 40 charted musician / PhD nuclear physics UC Berkeley / biohacker.

He is known as a market wizard in stocks & cryptocurrencies. He applies quantamental strategies to both.

Roland Bernath

Co-Founder • Unit Network

Roland is a renowned Web3 spokesperson, an e-commerce expert, an entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, and a student of life. He has inspired thousands by sharing his e-commerce, marketing, and self-improvement knowledge across highly active social media channels.

Adrian Keet

Co-Founder • Unit Network

With an early career in software project management, including AI, Adrian has extensive experience in senior executive and consulting roles, strategy execution & managing high-performance teams across different geographies. He is a strong advocate for a fairer, regenerative society.

Ann Boothello

Co-Founder • Unit Network

A purpose-driven entrepreneur, speaker, coach, poet, dancer, and philanthropist focusing on building initiatives that upgrade society’s concept of wealth & well-being through tokenization and blockchain technology. These include: Unit Network, Boston ExO, and Exponential Individuals.

Our expertise is local

We have expert team members on the ground in more than 10 countries who bring experience as Web3 entrepreneurs, blockchain ecosystem investors, and tokenized community operators from some of the world’s most innovative projects.
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